Curbside Pick-Up and Delivery Tuesday – Sunday 12-9 pm


-Our Curbside Menu is now offered for Lunch and Dinner!
-Pre Orders can be placed starting on Tuesdays at 12pm
-All “Day Of” orders will be taken Tuesday – Sunday 12-7pm, depending on availability
-All orders will be taken by phone at 732-842-2800


*The phones have been buzzing and we are so grateful!
If you are having trouble getting through, we are on the other lines taking orders. Please try us back momentarily or shoot us an email at with your name, phone number and day you want to order for, and one of our staff will get back to you shortly!!

PLEASE NOTE: We will be using the parking lot one block down from the restaurant (on the restaurant side of the street) on Ocean Avenue and River Street. Please pull into the lot and choose a numbered spot. Text 908-907-7432 with first and last name, car info, and spot number. There are also limited parking spots directly in front of the restaurant for your use. A staff member will come out with your order shortly. Please pop trunk or open back-seat door so we can maintain safe social distancing. Thank you!

To our beloved community,


It is going on two months now that our doors have been closed. The days have been long and filled with uncertainty and grief, not knowing what the future held for Anjelica’s or for the restaurant industry we love so dearly. I guess it is true that on some level we still do not. But it is time to persevere.


From the beginning, we wanted nothing more than to continue to serve you in some capacity, but we felt it was critical for us as a team to do our part in taking a time-out. Resting. Regrouping. Recharging. Rethinking. The questions we kept coming back to were, “how can we continue to do what we love to do and keep our restaurant afloat? How can we manage to take care of our staff? How can we go on feeding our community under these new and challenging circumstances?”


Well the answer, as it so often is, was time. Time to trust our instincts, time to have conversations and run through ideas and time to prepare as best we could to transition our 24 year old, well oiled business into a completely different operation. And that’s what we have done.


Safety and the health of our staff and communities are at the forefront of all of our conversations. We have taken all measures possible to commit to that. Making sure we support the small food purveyors in our area was another must and we made a menu with that idea as the guiding force.  And of course, getting our staff back to work and beginning to generate income again is inspiring us every moment.


We are truly in awe of the outpouring of support we’ve received.  The donations, the gift card purchases, the phone calls, the check ins, the time taken to write us a great review…we have felt you rooting for us everyday. The generosity and kindness offered to us has kept the light shining on . And now, we are ready to shine that light back to you. Let’s get cooking!!